About Us

Martronics Limited is a specialist Marine Electronics Solution Provider.

Martronics Limited was incorporated in 2007 by two experienced Marine Electronic Engineers, looking for new challenges.

Having served in the Marine Industry for over 30 years in NZ and abroad, they decided to part ways with their then employers and become the “competition”.

From humble beginings, they have reached a stage where, when the largest ever superyacht was built in NZ by Alloy Yachts, Martronics Limited were awarded the contract to supply, install commission and provide ongoing support for the vessel’s Navigation and Communications equipment.

Along the way they have acquired a reputation for exemplary service and support to the industry.

This reputation has seen their services been called upon by Owners and Captains from all parts of the globe.

We want the best advertisement that money cannot buy – “ word of mouth”

JRC-AM Appointment


“Martronics have taken a set of equipment and combined it to create a functionally stable bridge that delivers the right information at the right time to the right user. The process has not been without difficulties but each time a new challenge, and there were a few, arose Homi and Andy worked through it always maintaining their great attitude and always going the extra few miles to get it done and get it done really well”

Andrew Senn